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A Show Of Female Middle Eastern Artists Travels To Nashville

August 6, 2018 - IRENE PROMODH

Having just finished a two-month show in Seattle, CARAVAN takes group exhibition I AM to the Tennessee city as it continues to blaze the trail with its all-women show of Middle Eastern art.

CARAVAN, a global peace-building arts non-profit with Egyptian origin, has shaken up the Middle East with its exhibitions and international tours that have encouraged dialogue between the Middle East and the West to promote greater intercultural understanding. Founded by Paul-Gordon Chandler in 2009, the organisation has earned a reputation as a flag-bearer of peace for its efforts to break down stereotypes and bring communities together. Its success at Art Bahrain Across Borders earlier this year was marked by a Khalil Gibran-inspired exhibition that featured works by 18 Bahraini and international artists on the subject of peacebuilding. 

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Lebanon's most famous son: Why Kahlil Gibran's words are still prophetic today

August 4, 2018 - Nick Leech

The publishing star's spiritual message of love, peace and understanding is a century old - a series of artworks inspired by his work exemplify why he will never be forgotten 

The works embedded throughout this article all draw directly from Kahlil Gibran's works and are from the exhibition A Guide for Our Times...

This week and next sees separate events in London celebrating the life and work of one of Lebanon’s most famous sons, Kahlil Gibran, an artist and author whose enduring reputation rests on his most famous work, The Prophet. The book of lyrical spiritual guidance has earned Gibran a global following since it was first published in 1923.

Ninety-five years later, Gibran’s influence continues to hold sway: last Wednesday, a new theatrical musical received its premiere at London’s Theatre Royal Haymarket. Set against the backdrop of early 20th-century New York and Beirut, The Broken Wings is a tragic tale of migration, dislocation and thwarted love, with the plot based on a poetic 1912 novel of the same name, which was written in Arabic before Gibran achieved international recognition.

An exhibition, Kahlil Gibran: A Guide for Our Times, also opens at Sotheby’s Mayfair galleries next Monday, and features works by 38 artists, each of whom have responded in some way to Gibran’s work.

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A glimpse of Persian culture in London

August 4, 2018 - Antonia Filmer

Neda Dana-Haeri is very passionate about her Persian cultural heritage; she remembers her father used to quote excerpts from Ferdowsi’s The Book of Kings from memory, she describes the Book of Kings as the nationalistic epic of pre-islamic Iran. Coming from an academic family Neda studied psychology at University College London; she expected herself to be a serious professional and for years pursued a career as a marketing consultant, until the “Simorgh” plucked her from the business world and cast her into the infinity of the colour turquoise. Simorgh(Phoenix), who perpetually inspires Neda, translates from Persian as 30 birds and is the symbol of eternal rebirth and the complete circle of life.


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Celebrating Kahlil Gibran at New Bond Street

August 1, 2018 - Roxane Zand

Londoners and visitors to London have rich pickings this summer for Middle East-related cultural offerings. Aside from the Frieze Sculpture Park which features Dubai’s Third Line Galleryshowing a wonderful work by Rana Begum, KAHLIL GIBRAN: A Guide for Our Times is an exhibition that will be held at Sotheby's between 6-10 August 2018, highlighting 38 premier and emerging contemporary artists from the Middle East inspired by the universal message of peace and harmony found in Kahlil Gibran’s poetry, writing and art. Gibran’s best-selling book The Prophet, celebrates its 95th publishing anniversary this year, and Sotheby’s having recently sold a collection of 33 letters by Gibran, makes this a particularly apt moment to hold this show.

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The Art Market Masters

August 1, 2018 - Annie Shaw

While the art world enjoys a moment with virtual reality and contemporary African inspiration, it’s still the big names making the big bucks

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Kahlil Gibran: A Universal Philosophy Timelessly Impacted

July 23, 2018 - Anna Brady

In the monochromatic artwork of Ghada Khunji, she has depicted the character of Almitra, the female protagonist in Kahlil Gibran’s seminal text The Prophet who appears alongside the male prophet Almustafa. As a seer of divine vision, Almitra is cast in Khunji’s work as a holy spirit floating inches from the ground with her arms outstretched and wearing flowing robes with a halo of flowers.

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Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar and the Legacy of Jean Cocteau

July 11, 2018 - THOMAS BARRIE

The Cap-Ferrat-based artist is opening a new show at the villa Santo Sospir, building on the legacy of one of the twentieth century’s greatest polymaths.

n 1950, the French artist and poet Jean Cocteau visited the villa Santo Sospir in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat to stay with his new friend Francine Weisweiller. He was there, he told friends, for a short holiday, following the successful release of the film adaptation of his novel Les Enfants Terribles. Seized by a sudden boredom in the house, and commenting “Idleness tires me, and dries me out”, he asked Francine’s permission to draw the head of Apollo on the wall above the fireplace.

Twelve years later, he was still decorating the house. Yard upon yard of paintings and drawings had joined the initial charcoal depiction of the sun god, as had mosaics and ceiling frescoes and a tapestry. Cocteau indelibly stamped his mark on the villa overlooking the sea; even now, the house is known as la villa tatouée, and remains a shrine to the artist.

Now, French-Iranian artist Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar is following in his footsteps. After a successful exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London in June, the artist has returned to his roots to open a solo exhibition at the villa, entitled Oneness Wholeness with Jean Cocteau. A resident of Cap-Ferrat, with his own studio in town, Behnam-Bakhtiar felt a link with Cocteau that spanned the decades, thanks to what he calls “a shared vision of humanity”.

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جبران خليل جبران بطل معرض لندني في أغسطس

June 22, 2018

لندن: عبير مشخص تستضيف العاصمة البريطانية في شهر أغسطس المقبل معرضا متنقلا يدور حول الأديب اللبناني الراحل جبران خليل جبران، وذلك بمقر دار سوذبيز بلندن. وتقيم المعرض مؤسسة «كارافان» الفنية التي كونها قس أميركي مهتم بأعمال جبران.

On The Road to Change

June 3, 2018 - Irene Promodh

CARAVAN takes group exhibition I AM to Seattle as it continues to blaze the trail with its all-women show of Middle Eastern art, writes Irene Promodh.

Hanibal Srouji and the dream therapy

May 23, 2018

Although she carries scars of war, the work of Hanibal Srouji is therapeutic. It repairs the Lebanese, softens the trauma anchored in them and illustrates a part of dream that each carries in itself. In short, the art of Hanibal has a psychoanalytic dimension. Discover his dream world in the exhibition 'Let us Dream', held at the Janine Rubeiz Gallery, from May 30 to July 7. The artist tells us about it.