Hanibal Srouji: Dreaming is a luxury these days

December 19, 2020 - Denise Marray

The artist discusses some of his favourite work and his struggle to find the 'bride side of the sinister'. 

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Paul Wadsworth

December 15, 2020 - Sophie Kazan

Paul Wadsworth's studio is situated in the cobbled yard of a historic country estate. "It's a place which seems to have its own time and pace."  I live on the moors so it's also a refuge from bad weather as surrounded by trees and well protected from the wind", he says in his usual mellow manner.


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Firouz Farman Farmaian virtually hosts Retrospective with VR event

October 21, 2020 - JDEED Team

Last Friday afternoon, artist Firouz Farman Farmaian virtually hosted his exhibition for his 2020 work retrospective. He created a virtual reality display which is currently on exhibit in Marrakech at the Palais Aziza hotel and spa.

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My Damavand, 100 paintings by Bijan Daneshmand

September 13, 2020 - Ahmad Rafat

دماوندِ من؛ نقاشی‌های بیژن دانشمند

دماوند، یکی از نمادهای طبیعی و تاریخی ایران، موضوعی است که بیژن داشنمند، هنرمند و بازیگر ایرانی- بریتانیایی، برای بیش از یکصد تابلوی خویش انتخاب کرده است.
بیژن دانشمند قبل از دماوند نیز به صورت سریال تابلو‌هایی در اندازه‌های گوناگون در مورد آنچه او نمادهای دیگر ایران می‌خواند مانند تاج و گل خشخاش تهیه کرده بود.


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Patrick Altes Podcast

August 21, 2020 - Bob Chaundy

Listen to a podcast about Patrick Altes' life and works including his latest virtual exhibition 'Legacy' on Considering Arts website.


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Artist Firouz Farmanfarmaian turns confinement into creativity with his first virtual exhibition

April 27, 2020 - Denise Marray

LONDON: When multidisciplinary artist Firouz Farmanfarmaian went into lockdown at his studio in Marbella, Spain, in March, he didn’t realize his time in confinement would be a period of intense creativity leading to his first ever participation in a VR exhibition.

Prior to isolation, Farmanfarmaian spent six months in the Draa Valley in South Morocco, working closely with local Amazigh artisans and painting in the deserted streets of abandoned ‘ghost’ villages — once populated by Berbers and, further back, by Jews.

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Patrick Altes: Creativity in a Time of Crisis

April 13, 2020 - Paul-Gordon Chandler

Interview with Patrick Altes

How has this pandemic affected you and your creative output? How are you adapting to the new realities?

The pandemic has had a huge impact on my ideas and the direction my art is going to take. It has confirmed the need to see the world as a hugely complex ecosystem with intricate interactions between all its components, as well as to re-position our place and role in it (are we similar to this all invasive and deadly virus to the world we inhabit?).

Paradoxically, my day to day life as a visual artist has not been hugely affected by the lockdown as working in the studio is not always very dissimilar to being in quarantine.

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DAY DREAMS Hossam Dirar: Artist Extraordinaire

April 7, 2020 - Ezz Al-Turkey

An exhibition of widely acclaimed Egyptian artist Hossam Dirar’s paintings was recently held at the Zamalek Art Gallery in Cairo. The Cairo-born, Barcelona based, multidisciplinary artist titled his latest collection of paintings, Daydreams. eniGma’s Ezz Al-Turkey sat down with Dirar to discuss the inspirations for his art, his exciting artistic journey and the acclaim he has been receiving both in Egypt and abroad.

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Isolation life: 5 online art shows worth checking out

April 6, 2020 - Anna Seaman

As the lockdown period continues, our digital lives are increasingly enriched with more and more exhibitions becoming available online. Here is a round-up of a few offerings worth visiting.

Let's Get Lost (Let Them Send Out Alarms) was produced under the ongoing international lockdown and reflects on the idea of confinement, brought into the heart of the artist's own practice.

The title of the exhibition ‘‘Let's Get Lost (Let Them Send Out Alarms)” is taken from a Chet Baker track that expresses the idea of the internal voyage, where true creative freedom lies. His symbolic compositions, which convey movement and rhythm are rooted in ancient Persia but speak directly to these modern times.

In a statement, the artist said: “I here worked around a monochromatic palette reusing recuperated furniture fabric, transforming my post-tribal lost forms into new forms - in order to express sentiment of confinement. The feeling of the outside from the inside. The freedom of inner vitality so present in all Persian poetry."

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From Crude Oil to Canvas: Turning Iran's Black Gold into Art

March 17, 2020 - Tim Cornwell

Oil paints have been an artist’s staple since the Renaissance, and in tubes of paint for nearly 200 years - using mostly linseed oil, from the flax plant. But for Iranian artist Amin Roshan, crude oil would ultimately be his tool of choice.

Roshan was born in 1982 near the first oil well drilled in the Middle East, in the Khuzestan Province of southwestern Iran. Though his family have worked in the oil industry for generations, including his grandfather, father, uncle, cousin and brother, Roshan broke with that tradition to become an artist.  

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