Firouz FarmanFarmaian 'Let's Get Lost (Let Them Send Out Alarms)' 2.0


Firouz FarmanFarmaian / Janet Rady Fine Art / Nava Contemporary
Multiplatform digital exhibition
13-05-2020  /  21-06-2020

Janet Rady Fine Art  ( London ) Digital Exhibition  on Artsy Instagram
Kunstmatrix VR Exhibition hosted by Nouvelle Vague Artspaces ( Marbella ) and Nava Contemporary.

Building on its first inception integrating new works + FORRM soundscape, Firouz FarmanFarmaian's exhibition 2.0 opens on May 13th and runs through June 21st 2020.  In this new version, London based art dealer and curator Janet Rady will jointly present with Nava Contemporary Firouz FarmanFarmaian’s very latest body of work via a multiplatform dematerialized digital exhibition.

‘When art gets as rancid as a Cattelan banana, we literally need to revert back to the Core, a radical switch to a true Zeitgeist.’ Firouz FarmanFarmaian

Let's Get Lost (Let Them Send Out Alarms) was produced under the ongoing international lockdown and reflects on the idea of confinement, here brought into the heart of the artist's own practice.

Statement : "I moved back into the Marbella workshop after six months in Morocco, where I had been on the road sourcing and producing the ‘Banners of the Unbanished’  monumental installation for the 1-54 African Art fair. A few days in, the world went into a lockdown. I decided to enforce the lockdown rule to the letter and only use media I had inside, at hand. Cutting off from outside supplies, I reflected on Rem Koolhaas’s idea of ‘Junkspace’ I had previously juggled  with for my first London solo show at Mews 42 Gallery, down in 2013. I here worked around a monochromatic palette reusing recuperated furniture fabric, transforming my post-tribal lost forms into new forms - in order to express sentiment of confinement. The feeling of the outside from the inside. The freedom of inner vitality so present in all Persian poetry."

‘Following on the 1.0 VR version unveiling lockdown pieces created with media I had at hand and expressing a somewhat darker sentiment of confinement, I worked to open the scope of the show. Introducing large post-tribal ‘Lost Form’ panels and their expressive Majorelle blue - Sienna red palette, I here hope to convey a positive energy to the collection, an outward dynamic giving shape to the idea of  inner space, of vitality.’

The title of the exhibition ‘‘Let's Get Lost (Let Them Send Out Alarms)” is taken from a Chet Baker track which FarmanFarmaian had on while working and is a throwback to the 1988 Let's Get Lost black and white film by fashion photographer Bruce Weber, documenting Chet Baker’s last days. It expresses the idea of the internal voyage, where true creative freedom lies.

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