Patrick Altes


Patrick Altes was born in Algeria of French and Spanish origins and, as a child, was part of the exodus towards France once Algeria achieved independence.

He lived from extensive periods in South Africa, South America and he is currently based in the UK

Postcolonialism, East/West relationship, the unconscious are key words to understand his work, which explores the notions of diaspora, transition, alienation, lack of/need for cultural roots and how these affect our sense of who we are and how we construct our personal and cultural reality.

Drawing on his own experience of diaspora and the difficult circumstances associated with it, he explores our shifting and ambivalent attitudes about belonging, dispossession and migration.

His work evokes the struggle to define ourselves, and the process of being human. It relates to the melting pots and breaking points of land, conflict, and diaspora. It refers to our living in times of extreme turbulence and instability – both political and environmental - and heralds dreams and resurgences from the unconscious linked to a personal vision and perception of the world.

He was twice recipient of the prestigious Leverhulme Trust Award and was widely exhibited in numerous public and private collections in the MENA region, including the 3rd Mediterranean Contemporary Art Biennale in Oran, Bahrain Art Fair, Algerianism 1 at Nour Festival, the 7th International Festival of Contemporary Arts (FIAC) in Algiers and Art16 London.