Mahmood Sabzi


Mamood Sabzi began painting at the early age of twelve. His love and talent for the arts was encouraged at an early age by an inspirational teacher and, more importantly, the enthusiastic support of his parents. He attended the University of Jundi Shapoor completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering. Like Joseph Beuys, whose works he studied in Germany, he believed that nature and its extended concepts were most relevant to arts and the concept of creativity, for as he has said,  “The best part of agriculture,’’ he says, “is the purity of its primal space”.

In 1984 the ravages of the war caused him to move to Hamburg, Germany. For Sabzi, exile and freedom from his traditional muses represented a challenge which he assumed joyfully and enthusiastically. In 1991, Sabzi moved his family to Southern California, where he was excited by the dynamism of American Culture.

Sabzi’s paintings are lit by both eastern and western lanterns and philosophies. Persian miniatures, themselves inspired by metaphysical inspirations, serve as precursors for many of his forms. © Carlo Lamagna, Chair, Department of Fine Arts, New York University.

His works are in the Museum Permanent Collection of The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) U.S.A; Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMOCA) IRAN and are also held in private collections in United States, Germany, France, and Japan.