Hossam Dirar


Hossam Dirar (1978), an Egyptian contemporary artist; born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. This busy city, with its rich heritage and multi-culture facets, inspired Hossam to explore the world and train his imagination to aspire to the undefined.

After graduating from The Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University; Hossam was interested in the study of calligraphy and its relation to art. He was thus a constant participant in all art, photography and creativity workshops held at that time. Hossam became known in Egypt and the Middle East as a genuine contemporary artist for his daring innovation in art techniques. He has introduced his contemporary art to the Egyptian art scene through his unique mixed media artworks that were accentuated by hand paint and successfully exhibited in private galleries & international exhibitions in many European countries. 

Merging his passion for art, his talent as a painter, and his graphics innovation; Hossam Dirar creates his own artistic identity and present it to the world through a new concept of artistic creation.