Hojat Amani


The way I see it, most societies today are moving towards materialism, which erodes the artistic value of art and moves it towards being more of a commodity. I am Middle Eastern and in my culture, art represents beauty and is much deeper than just a material or financial purchase.  In my artwork, I strive to explore paradise in my imagination.

At the same time, I understand the suffering of my surroundings. I have experienced hunger, poverty, and war in the past but I don't want to focus on it in my work. I don’t want my work to add to people’s suffering and I don’t want to mock my fellow countrymen and women to help me sell more art. I prefer to depict beautiful images to share with young people throughout the world. My intention is to provide relief, similar to a plant or tree, which transforms the glaring light from the sun and dirty air from the sky into beautiful light and fresh air. Through this process, I will be the one who devours sorrow and attempts to communicate hope and joy to my audience.