Fereydoun Ave


Fereydoun Ave was born in 1945 in Tehran and educated in a boarding school in England and the United States, where he studied applied art, theatre and film. Now he divides his time between Tehran, Paris and sometimes Dubai and London where he was involved in the Magic of Persia contemporary art prize, inspiring and supporting new generation of Iranian artists, among whom is the founder of Iranian contemporary pop, Farhad Moshiri. In 1984 he established Tehran’s first alternative art space on 13 Vanak Street.

His iconic Rostam series which he started to work on in the late 1990s (“Rostam in Late Summer”, 1998–2000) and resumed in 2009 (“Rostam in the Dead of Winter”) are created as mixed-media collages. According to his own words he aims using the “champion of champions”, i.e. national cult figure of Rustam to ‘locate the position of masculinity in the Iranian cultural context’. By doing this he is exploring ‘the macho-mystic’ nature of this hero, and generally ‘the mystical side to chivalry in Iranian culture’, trying to combine traditionally negative connotation of machismo and its mystic dimension, which he treats as positive.

His works are in the possession of such important museums in the world as The British Museum, La Caisse des Dépôt et Consignation, Paris, Tehran Contemporary Art Museum, Centre Georges Pompidou Collection. The most recent acquisition of his 'Rostam in the Dead of Winter’ was made by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in February 2014.