Bijan Daneshmand


Abstraction has a sensuality of letting us lose ourselves in it; a meditation. The intention is art of pure affect. My practice is concerned with repetition, difference and disruption.

In every act of repeating there is a birth, a becoming, and differences occur - when substantial they give rise to identifiable disruptions.

Engaged in drawing, painting, videos, and performance. Rules and limitations are adopted at first; they help the works to commence, they are not rigid, and often are let go. There are various methods; these are useful for the making.

Recently I have worked on geometric, abstract, non periodic patterns. Some of these designs originate and are appropriations of contemporary abstract tilings and thirteenth/ fourteenth century Persian architecture, and others from nature. Using the concept of repetition and difference I adopted the process of folding, allowing the creases and fractures of the surface to direct my painting.